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Terms and Conditions



For the highest in presentation, service and quality, we ask that all food and beverage selections – including special requests – be placed in advance of the ‘5 working days prior’ deadline. The deadline dates will be forwarded to the Suite contact in advance of each month on the order forms.

To place an order you will need to complete an order form and e-mail this to Bilal Hussain our Head of Hospitality. Please ensure that all sections of the order form are completed fully. Failure to do so will result in your order not being processed. Once your order has been processed, an e-mail confirmation will be sent. If you do not wish to place your order via e- mail, you can fax your order or telephone through to Bilal (written confirmation will still be required to confirm your order). If you need any advice or wish to discuss your order in further detail please contact Bilal on the contact information below.

All late orders will be subject to a late order charge of £50+vat and are subject to availability.

All dishes offered are subject to availability. Whilst every care is taken during preparation of all fish dishes, some may contain small bones. We endeavour to retain the integrity of our vegetarian dishes but please be aware that all are prepared in a multi-kitchen environment. All dishes are prepared in an environment that is not free from nuts, seeds, gluten or lactose; therefore all dishes may contain traces of these or other allergens. Compass Group PLC exclusively furnishes all food and beverage products in all areas at Madejski Stadium and therefore NO items of this nature may be brought into any Executive Boxes. Guests are prohibited from bringing personal food and beverage into the stadium without proper authorisation. Where, with Compass Group’s consent, guests consume their own food and/or beverage a corkage charge shall be applied. Health and safety regulations prevent Compass Group from allowing leftover food to be taken from the suite.

All orders should be placed online and received a minimum of 48 working hours before the match day hospitlaity opens.


All beverages are sold on a consumption basis. At the conclusion of each event we will charge for the beverages consumed. All liquor is provided and sold by the bottle or can and charged on a sale or return basis. Items cannot be accepted for return once the seal, cap or cork has been broken. All consumption must be within your hospitality space and may not be removed.

Should you require your box without catering but serviced for drinks only, there is a service charge of £50+vat per match. Please note the ‘Drinks Only’ section on each order form.

To maintain compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by Madejski Stadium and the local licensing authority we ask that you adhere to the following:

1. Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into or taken out of Madejski Stadium.

2. It is the responsibility of the Suite holder or their representative to monitor and control alcohol consumption within the suite.

3. Minors (those under the age of 18), by law, are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. Madejski Stadium operate a ‘Challenge 25’ request for Identification, in conjunction with Reading Borough Council.

4. It is unlawful to serve alcoholic beverages to an intoxicated person.

5. Suite holders are not permitted to take glass or china items onto the balcony at any time.

6. Consumption of alcoholic beverages must stop 15 minutes before kick off and must not recommence until 15 minutes after the final whistle when in view of the pitch. CCTV cameras operate at all times with the Stadium and there are regular police checks on the times and places in which people consume alcohol. We kindly ask that all hospitality guests respect the law and stop drinking at the required time. The Stadium cannot protect any individual from prosecution should an offence be committed.

For your enjoyment, we have permission from the local magistrates that alcohol can be consumed out of sight of the pitch in either the Princess Suite or Windsor Lounge during the game. Please note that the game will be shown on the plasma screens within these rooms and therefore you will not miss the game.


Your food selections will be delivered to your suite at your requested time. Please allow up to 15 minutes either side of your requested time during busy events – this will ensure you receive the hottest, freshest food. Due to space and food safety restrictions, some items may be delivered at a later time to ensure the highest quality

All additional orders placed on a match day must be signed for by the host.


Compass Group will endeavour to fulfil special menu requests including Kosher, Halal, vegetarian and other dietary requirements. We appreciate a minimum of 3 working days notice for all special requirements. In addition to our food and beverage selections, Megan can assist you with many other arrangements to create a unique event for you and your guests.


Please be sure to remove all personal property when leaving the premises. Compass Group cannot accept responsibility for any lost or misplaced property left unattended in the suite nor property retained in their box between matches.


The Compass Group payment policy in the suites requires full payment at the conclusion of each event. On placing your order, you will be required to provide a debit/credit card for payment of your order. You may use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Solo. Payment will not be taken from this card until the next working day after the event. Should we not receive a debit/credit card on placing the order we will not process the order until card details have been provided. All food and beverage orders are subject to VAT, unless otherwise stated. If you share a suite or if a guest is ordering on your behalf, the suite holder is ultimately responsible for all charges made to an account.

Where debt remains unreasonably outstanding, we will request full payment for future matches in advance and reserve the right to refuse catering facilities.


If an order is cancelled prior to the 5 day deadline no charges will be incurred. Please see below the cancellation charges for orders cancelled after the 5 day deadline. Should an event be cancelled for any reason and the stadium does not open, you will not be charged for your food and beverage order. Compass Group cannot be held responsible for the cancellation of any fixture at Madejski Stadium.

On the day of the event100%
1 working day prior to the event100%
2 working day prior to the event75%
3 working day prior to the event50%


The Head of Hospitality Bilal Hussain, will be available Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 17.30 to assist you with your food and beverage selections.


T: 0118 968 1340 (direct)


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