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Frequently asked questions
How do I place my order?

All orders should be placed online and received a minimum of 48 hours before the match day.

Can I be invoiced?

No. All orders must be pre paid online at the time of booking. You will only receive confirmation of your order when full payment has been made.

Can I place orders on the day?

A Half Time Bites menu is available to order on the day prior to kick off. However, items from this menu are only served at half time and are subject to availability. Full payment must be made at time of order. Drinks will be available from the bar and must be paid for on the day.

How do drinks packages work?

Drinks ordered prior to the match must be paid for in full. Any drinks not consumed during the match will be rolled over to the next match and placed in your suite fridge automatically unless otherwise requested. An all inclusive package is available on a match by match basis and will not be rolled over.

What time will the food be served?

All food is served prior to kick off unless otherwise requested. Your suite manager will liaise with the host on the day to establish exact service times.

Who do I contact?

For ticketing and permits, please contact Kelly Pike on

For catering, please contact Alishia Corcoran on

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